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ILE Holdings is a residential real estate investment and asset management company based in Dallas, Texas.

Image by Blake Wheeler


ILE invests on behalf of individuals, families, trusts, and institutions, as well as public and private funds. We identify the best rental neighborhoods, acquire the right homes, and renovate, lease and care for the asset and tenant to deliver current income and capital appreciation for investors.


Our acquisition team’s due diligence, valuation, and risk assessment expertise give investors peace of mind about the quality and stability of our rental portfolio.


ILE’s ecosystem of general contractors deliver quality renovation that reduces recurring maintenance expenses and increases the longevity of tenant-leases, thereby optimizing rental income. 


ILE is experienced at underwriting tenants with an eye towards tenant quality, tenant retention and low delinquency rates.


Our team of on-the-ground experts and the latest technology combine to boost operating efficiencies and improve the rental living experience for tenants and their families.  Investors often learn the hard way that property management can be overwhelming and time-consuming. It does not have to be that way.

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