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ILE Homes founder & CEO Mahesh Shetty shares his thoughts on inflation and current market situations


Over the last two years, a lot of ink has been spilled over inflation, interest rates, housing affordability, housing prices, rent increases, and the overall geopolitical environment. What are your thoughts?


Great question! Despite the noise, some underlying facts have not changed. We have a dire shortage of homes – industry data suggests that the shortage is almost 4 million homes in the United States. Home builders are not expected to close this gap – over the last 15 years, builders have averaged 750,000 new starts, an anemic pace that has not kept up with new household formation.

The increase in mortgage rates certainly dampened demand but not the need for homes in 2023 – and the pandemic-driven irrational exuberance from 2020 through early 2022 borrowed demand from the future and created a trend that was, frankly, unsustainable.

ILE Homes, based in Dallas, Texas, is a real estate investment and asset management company that focuses on acquiring, improving, leasing, and managing SFR (Single Family Rental) homes. The ILE Homes entrepreneurial management team has over 300 years of aggregate experience and has completed $3 billion in transactions across 6,500 homes. ILE's seasoned team has created an advanced platform to rapidly analyze and underwrite new opportunities and is ideally positioned to acquire properties.

ILE's credo of Creating Wealth and Doing Good, which takes a tenant-centric approach to business, sets ILE Homes apart from our competitors. ILE is committed to providing quality affordable housing and making a meaningful impact in communities across the country.

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