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How Mahesh Shetty built a thriving Single Family Rental (SFR) fund

Join Mahesh Shetty, CEO of ILE Homes and Chris Fellows, CEO of Bold Street to discuss how Mahesh built a thriving SFR Fund.

  • Key lessons learned in founding and scaling ILE Homes

  • Insights into how an investment fund finds, evaluates and operates SFR investments at scale

  • How service providers, including brokers and property managers, can successfully partner with investment funds

Webinar Recording:

About ILE Homes ILE Homes, based in Dallas, Texas, is a real estate investment and asset management company focusing on acquiring, improving, leasing, and managing SFR (Single Family Rental) homes. The ILE Homes entrepreneurial management team has over 200 years of aggregate experience and has completed $3 billion in transactions across 6,500 homes. ILE's proprietary technology platform automates the underwriting, acquisition, and asset management functions, enabling the company to scale its operations exponentially and deliver attractive returns to its investors. ILE's tenant-centric approach to business sets it apart from its competitors. ILE is committed to providing quality, affordable housing and making a meaningful impact in communities nationwide.

ILE Homes A Certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise 14800 Quorum Drive, Ste 510 Dallas, Texas 75254

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